Christmas Puppy, Red Enamel

Christmas Puppy, Red Enamel


April 2009 Archives Congratulations to David Perkins, who has won a shiny new PlayStation 3 console for his first Your Turn contribution to Screen Play.

David, a 25 year old Scottish emigrant who now works at the Melbourne museum, won the prize for his thoughts on the rude and obnoxious gamers that too often spoil his fun while playing online. The best blog post published on Screen Play each month (as judged by Jason Hill) wins a PS3 console courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, worth $699. Articles can cover any topic related to interactive entertainment. I look forward to reading your entries. Sucker Punch game director Nate Fox is a playful guy. He's created three fun Sly Raccoon games, likes to trash talk to stir up rival game developers, and even likes to spice up media presentations for his upcoming superhero caper inFamous with a private joke. Before Screen Play's presentation on the game, Nate asks me quietly for three random words. I oblige, and Nate promises he will surreptitiously insert the obscure words into his formal presentation. The amusing game is constructed entirely for my benefit, and seems indicative of the sense of playfulness and adventure that the Seattle based Sucker Punch has for their work. InFamous, due for release in Australia on PlayStation 3 in June, should be one of the highlights of the gaming year, offering an electrifying playground to romp around and a stronger narrative than Xbox 360 gem Crackdown, arguably it's closest cousin. Nate begins the presentation by saying he is excited to be launching a "new character and a new experience" following sales of four million Sly Raccoon games. "As you might imagine, we're big fans of graphic novels and we wanted to make a superhero game from the ground up that works really well as a video game first and foremost. InFamous is a game that will give you the feeling of being a modern day superhero." The game begins with Empire City "rocked to the core" a mysterious explosion that levels six square blocks of the city, with the game's protagonist Cole walking away from the blast with his life changed forever. "That's the event, the tragedy, with thousands of lives lost," says Nate. "The camera pulls in on this crater of destruction and standing right in the middle of it is this guy getting up. Then you're playing the game. You get to experience Cole's experience in full as he gets anniversary pandora charm out of this scene of destruction and comes to understand what is happening to Empire City." Early in the game Cole is desperate to get some food, as people in the city are already starving, but his situation soon becomes much worse than it already is. "There is some footage with what seems to be the explosive device that took out the city," Nate explains, and Cole was the courier holding it. "Cole is branded a terrorist, so is hated, loathed. They (the general public) will attack you. They like to hurl rocks to deck you. So you will not only go from 'zero to hero' but from a really hated person to a hero, if you choose to do that." In addition to graphic novels like Batman: No Man's Land and DMZ, Nate's experience of getting caught up in the 1999 Seattle riots triggered by the World Trade Organisation Conference was pivotal to the game. "I found myself in that riot," Nate explains, "and it was really interesting because when we were getting tear gassed, people around me were breaking into windows and stuff, there are no cops, you are not going to get arrested being a jerk, so a lot of people around me were offering me food, water to wash out my eyes, people don't do that in everyday life, right? In this place where there were no consequences, people are still very kind. It made me think about what would exist in this game world when people are operating in a more base level." Like the popular television program Heroes, the game superimposes extraordinary powers on top of a realistic world. In Cole's case, he discovers after the blast that he has been transformed and has amazing electrical powers. "There you are, an everyday Joe, and you get powers," says Nate. "What's going through your head? Am I crazy? Am I sick? How will people react to you? "The first thing is, you probably won't buy a cape and a giant belt buckle. As good as you might look in one, you probably wouldn't do it. Also, you would become the focus of a lot of people's attention. You become a celebrity, right? Or if you were a jerk with your powers, like I am, you become hated inFamous in the world." Nate says it's no secret that most people will be attracted to the game because of pandora australia locations the "really cool superpowers". "So of course from the beginning of the game you can do things like chuck cars around (with electromagnetic bursts). And of course you can use your powers to take people alive, using electricity to incapacitate the enemy as opposed to killing them outright. "You can choose to be a nice guy or a total jerk. And of course you also have more destructive powers, like hurling charged objects that take out everyone around." You can also hurl electrical grenades and charge up otherwise inoperative railroads. Train surfing looks heaps of fun, and is an opportunity to take out foes using creative methods. A power grid has been modelled for Empire City, validating Nate's claim that "we're going very deep on this electrical superhero theme". "Cole can gain extra energy for his heavier powers by sucking juice out of the system, which is a good idea because you never know what you're going to have to face in Empire City. Large portions of the city have blackouts, and Cole can't regenerate his health here, or get more juice for his powers." How you play the pandora charms order online game affects how you can upgrade your powers. Basic powers like an electro magnetic push change if you're acting as "a virtuous person" or "a total jerk" according to Nate. "Each power can be upgraded over the course of the game, and we give you a ton of new powers. It's really nice to get a new toy to play with." Just don't expect to be handling weapons, as Cole's electrical energy would cause them to explode in his hands, but they are unlikely to be missed. Nate says it was clear from the outset that the game had to be an open world, or "sandbox", but despite the superpowers his team were determined to make it feel more realistic than other games in the genre. "We're making an open world sandbox city where it's full of people that remember what you do to them. If you treat people in the city badly they will remember. "Unlike a lot of games where it's just you versus the military, here the streets are always crowded with people. There are innocent people who you can obviously try to protect or just indiscriminately murder, if that's your angle. "Like an ER doctor, Cole can also use his electrical powers as a defibrillator to bring people back pandora watches with charms (from the dead) and they are going to remember that the population that might have been trying to stone you to death might stop hating your ass. What you do has consequences." Moreover, Nate says the city itself is "alive with something we call the crime ecology". "I don't know if you guys have ever gone for a walk in the jungle, I have, it's very scary, there are snakes, jaguars, scary st all around you. You don't know where it is, but you know it's there. That's what going for a walk in Empire City is like." Nate describes the map of the city as like a Risk board with different territories controlled by different groups. "We have these different gangs who are at war with each other and there are outside factions that you come to understand as the game progresses.

It's not just the world against you. There are civilians, the police, the gangs, a lot of different groups.".

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